Fundraising is what we do!!

    Fundraising is the lifeblood of your organization. We can help you achieve your financial goals while at the same time remove much of the stress and hassle. Great products and "on the ground" skills sets us apart from the rest. Success for you and your organization is what we strive for. So take a look around at our products, our philosophy and if Coachworx can help you reach your fundraising target.

Fundraising is what we do.


     The covid pandemic has changed the rules but the need to raise money is still there. Fundraising the traditional way has taken a serious hit. The days of door to door sales is a thing of the past. And like in so many other areas of day to day life, a more virtual approach is required. The ability to conduct virtual sales has long been in place at Coachworx. We have a website and billing portal specifically designed for sales. This capability not only makes fundraising in this current environment possible but can actually increase the product exposure in your . And the one thing you can count on, is our staff will be actively engaged through various media outlets and direct mailings to get word of your fundraiser out and directing clients to our sales portal. This aspect sets us apart from many other fundraising sponsors and  greatly increases your chance of a successful fundraiser. 

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