The Basics

     As we were researching an entrance into the fund raising arena, we quickly realized that we occupied a unique and exclusive niche. The field is crowded with many duplicate products and the scope is very limited.

     At Coachworx we offer you a fresh and exciting product line that will provide your buyers with great value for their money and will also provide your organization with a healthy profit.

     Our car care line will appeal to a large audience and is much easier to market than the often used items we are all so familiar with.

      So if your ready to take a new direction to reach your financial goal, then here is our simple and easy process.

1. Three to four weeks out please contact one of our regional sales agents.

2. We will then provide you with the necessary sales material and this window will allow us to do the site research and make the needed contacts to enhance sales on the ground.

3. Kick off your event on the agreed date. We provide each client with a free supply of car wash shampoo for a kick off day car wash which provides a great opportunity to take sales orders for our Coachworx line.

At the conclusion of the event we will quickly provide you with the products to fulfill your orders and realize your profilts.

What Will It Cost????

A very important item to consider when setting up your fundraiser is what are the costs involved.

Hidden expenses and unforeseen costs can eat into your profits quickly. With Coachworx there is 

none of that. There are no costs or expenses. We handle all aspects of your fundraiser and there

is never any cost to you.